Cleaner, Warmer: Boosting Heating with Furnace Cleaning in Calgary

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The Calgary Sun has an article dated November 11, 2013 that suggests several ways to prepare a home for winter. To provide warmth during the cold season, many households rely on furnaces for heat. The article mentions some hints on how to optimize a furnace’s performance:

To make sure you’re warm and cozy when the frigid temperatures arrive, follow these tips to get your home in tip-top shape.

Fine tune your furnace. Nothing’s worse than furnace trouble during the fall and winter months.

Make sure your furnace is primed and ready to perform during the cold winter months with a few checks. Install a new filter, and check to see if the motor and blower need cleaning.

Insulate windows. With all their gaps and edges, windows are a main area for drafts.

Furnaces work by warming air and then pumping the heated air throughout a home; and the better the air circulation, the more efficient the system is. Certain factors, however, can affect a furnace’s efficiency and result in insufficient heating. Calgary homeowners who find themselves with this problem may tend to turn up the thermostat to increase the heat, resulting in higher energy consumption. To avoid this kind of situation, it is important to identify and resolve the root cause of the problem.


In many cases, insufficient heating is caused by something as simple as a dirty furnace filter, or dirty furnace parts. Homeowners are encouraged to regularly clean furnace filters as part of the system’s maintenance, but are also highly advised to have a Calgary furnace cleaning company perform a thorough service before winter comes. Professionals can not only do a more complete job, but also get to other parts that may be difficult for amateurs to access, such as the blower and the motor.

Aside from performance issues, another good reason to keep furnaces clean is to safeguard the health of residents. Particulates that collect in the air ducts can cause respiratory complications if inhaled, and it takes a professional to perform thorough duct cleaning in Calgary. Contractors such as the Western Canadian Furnace Company can scour even the smallest ducts and nooks using their specialized equipment. Calgary locals should always prepare their furnaces before winter sets in, and contractors can help accomplish such a critical task.


(Article Excerpt and Image from Northern exposure: How to beat the cold, Calgary Sun, November 11, 2013)

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