Factors that Make Timely Furnace Repair in Calgary Rather Crucial

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Although troubleshooting methods for gas furnaces may vary according to each model, it is nonetheless important to familiarize yourself with the basics, particularly as regards troubleshooting. Learning how to diagnose your furnace issues is key to finding the right solution to the problem. After all, the simplest things can sometimes be the culprit behind most of the problems you’ll encountered.

No TroubleshootingWhen it comes to proper Calgary furnace repair, certain components take center stage. In particular, you would do well to determine whether or not the thermostat is the root of all your furnace troubles. According to, the thermostat is an important component of a gas furnace due to the following reasons:

  • The thermostat senses the house temperature and activates internal contacts that close the electrical circuit.
  • Closing the circuit signals the furnace to start.
  • Ignition begins. Older furnaces may use a standing pilot light while newer furnaces use an electronic ignition.
  • The gas flows to the main burners to heat up the furnace. Once it reaches the correct temperature, the furnace blower fan comes on, forcing air through the heating ducts and out the hot air vents, called registers.
  • The thermostat responds to the warmer temperature by opening the contacts, breaking the circuit. The fan will continue to run for a brief period of time – perhaps two or three minutes – to dissipate the heat remaining inside the furnace chamber.
  • The fan stops, the warm air ceases to blow and the thermostat waits for the temperature to drop again.

So what should you do when your furnace shows signs of malfunctioning? First, check the thermostat temperature settlings. If the room’s temperature is lower than what the thermostat indicates, then you need to act fast. You might want to call on a professional like Western Canadian to perform furnace repair in Calgary at the first sign of trouble.

To prevent your gas furnace from breaking down constantly, make it a point to clean out your air filter. Over time, this component can accumulate significant amounts of dust, hair, debris, and other dirt particles that will inhibit it from functioning properly. The filters must be replaced regularly to avoid the accumulation of these particles.

Leaving furnace repair issues unattended can only lead to bigger problems in the future. To avoid unnecessarily costly repair expenses, be sure to have the broken parts repaired as soon as possible.

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