How Furnace Cleaning in Calgary is Done and why it’s Very Important

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With the holiday season comes the biting winter cold typical of living in many parts of Canada, including the Albertan city of Calgary. Temperatures here have been known to drop as low as -13° Celsius, so homeowners like you will want to ensure your furnaces will be in good working condition. One way to go about this is by cleaning your furnace, and an article from provides advice for just that:

Furnance CleaningBefore starting any furnace cleaning, the furnace should be turned off. The gas supply should also be shut off for furnaces that use natural gas for heating. All surfaces of the furnace should be wiped down with a clean rag. A vacuum cleaner can be used to get the insides of the furnace or any tight or hard to reach areas. Remove the filter for cleaning or replacement. The blower should be right behind the filter and should be cleaned out as much as possible. If the blades can be removed, take them out and wipe them clean before re-inserting them.

Calgary furnace cleaning experts will then advise you to vacuum up any debris that accumulated around the base and burners. Be sure to inspect your fan belts; if they look dry or ready to fall apart, you might want to consider replacing them. If your furnace is an older model, you should keep its bearings oiled up with non-detergent motor oil to ensure smooth and continuous operation.

Your cleaning efforts don’t stop there, however. It’s always a good idea to have your furnace inspected every year or two; neglecting to do so will eventually result in higher energy bills, as you’ll be forced to use higher settings to keep your house warm. More importantly, a dirty furnace allows harmful microbes and allergens to breed, potentially endangering the health of all who live in your home.

It’s well and good to try to eliminate these problems by yourself, but unless you’ve been trained and have the right tools, you run the risk of exacerbating the problems or (at most) applying ineffective solutions. Your best bet is to hire Calgary furnace cleaning professionals from companies like Western Canadian Furnace Company Ltd to get the job done. These pros make use of chemical fogger machines to shunt disinfectant throughout your furnace and leave your home free contaminants.

Remember: it’s your job, as a responsible homeowner, to make sure your household stays warm and healthy this winter. Keep your furnace clean, and you and your loved ones will follow.

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