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Having a busted furnace is one thing, but living with one in less-than-perfect home conditions is another. Unfortunately, this is what some tenants in a condo building in Calgary have to deal with. Metro Calgary reports that these tenants have been living with floodwaters since August 2013 and have been experiencing heating problems since that time.

The condo’s board says the building’s heating system has been fixed, but localized problems still exist in various units, and have to be resolved between the unit owners and their tenants. Affected tenants now have to find ways to protect themselves for the coming chill of winter, and they have been advised to relocate rather than use space heaters. “When you start dealing with space heaters and so on you can run into fire code risks”, says Gerry Baxter of the Calgary Residential Rental Association.


The plight of the said tenants highlights the need for the early repairs of heating units when they break down, and the best way to do this is to call upon Calgary furnace repair experts, like the Western Canadian Furnace Company. Condo tenants or owners may be tempted to fix the systems on their own to save on repair costs. However, without the right skills and knowledge, DIYers may only worsen the problem with a botched job.

DIY repair jobs are typically easier for gas furnace systems than radiant heating units. However, some repair needs, such as fixing a faulty connection with the gas line, may be dangerous for an amateur. Additionally, the causes of other damages may only be properly diagnosed if the furnace is taken apart – a task that is best left for the experts to do.

After a DIY fix, putting back the furnace together could pose another problem. Likewise, a simple troubleshoot doesn’t guarantee that the problem has been completely solved because other defects may arise once the furnace is re-activated. All these possible scenarios only show how important it is to bring in Calgary furnace repair professionals to repair a busted heating system.

The problems in fixing the heating systems in the reported Calgary condo need to be resolved before winter sets in. Otherwise, negligent condo owners could find themselves losing their tenants or having to face questions about their tenants’ well-being. Calling on furnace repair experts will help solve these kinds of problem at the soonest possible time.

(Article Excerpt and Image fromCalgary flood victims living without heat brace for winter chill, Metro Calgary, November 5, 2013)

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